My Motivation

Mar 01, 2021 by Jason Baker
Thank you for taking the time to check out my website, and learn a little more about my forthcoming book. I look forward to sharing updates on my progress with McFarland Books as a title is nailed down, a cover is chosen, and the editing and formatting process begins.

While the exact title may be up in the air, my motivation for having written the story has always been solid. My great-great-great granduncles, Cicero and Alden Barber, were members of the 39th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Researching their brother, my great grandfather, led me to discovering their service, which led to learning about the 39th Illinois, which led to their unique story. The vast majority of Illinois regiments served in the western theater. Being interested in my own ancestry, and local history, has always been a passion--but I knew nothing about this regiment! I wanted to change this for others like me who may one day look for information on a family member, or Illinois involvement in the war.

Please check back often, as I provide details on how I learned their story, share various "on this day" posts, and keep you all updated on the book's process. The 39th Illinois had a fascinating journey from Chicago to Appomattox, and I look forward to sharing it!