Jason B. Baker

Jason Baker is a celebrated author whose passion for the Civil War era breathes life into his classic Western-style adventure and mystery novels. An Illinois native, Jason has penned notable works such as Chicago To Appomattox, a non-fiction exploration of the Civil War, as well as fiction titles like The Ace’s Bounty and The Sheriff’s Pursuit. His meticulously researched narratives weave tales of justice and daring escapades and plunge readers into the richly detailed settings of America’s transformative years just before and after the Civil War.

A career military officer, Jason brings a unique perspective to his writing, infusing his stories with authenticity and vivid historical insights. Now residing in Northern Virginia with his wife and two young sons, Jason continues to explore the rugged landscapes of history through his writing.

An Active Level Member of the Western Writers of America, Jason is deeply committed to honoring the legacy of America’s past. He is also a proud Color Bearer Donor to the American Battlefield Trust, helping preserve the battlefields where history was made—a passion reflected in his work’s historical fidelity.

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