The Ace's Bounty

The Ace's Bounty: The Barber Brothers' First Adventure

The Ace's Bounty
The Barber Brothers' First Adventure
Barber Brothers 1
Published by Greer Books
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I always enjoy discovering a new author, and this one did not disappoint. This novel captures the reader from the first paragraph, and it was hard to put this one down. Traditional Western readers should love this novel with its good pacing, plenty of action, and a hint of romance. There is a nice hook for another book to follow, and I will certainly take the bait. This writer has a future in the genre.
-RON SCHWAB, Bestselling author of Old Dogs, The Accidental Sheriff, and other classic Western novels.

After chasing guerillas in the cavalry during the Civil War, brothers Elijah and Moses Barber return home to poverty.

A dark cloud hangs over their service. Their parents are dead; their farm is a failure, and townspeople and the kin of those they served with give them a mixed reception. They have no prospects and no skills other than knowing they developed a knack for riding, shooting, and tracking down outlaws.

A chance encounter with a new U.S. Marshal offers them work as deputies. Moses realizes it's the best way for their skills to earn a living, but Elijah wants to leave that sort of thing in the past. When they hear the man they'll be chasing is a criminal who haunts their past, the opportunity brings a chance for justice...and revenge.

Now, the brothers must sort out their relationship, make peace with their childhood mentor, and figure out the U.S. Marshal who might not be who he says he is. Only then can the brothers find peace and prosperity in their post-Civil War world.

Civil War author Jason B. Baker takes his research and understanding of the era to put his characters in a historical setting in this Western-style, justice, and redemption-seeking crime adventure!

218 pages | 979-8-98-848061-7