The War Remains

The War Remains

The War Remains
The Barber Brothers' Next Adventure
The Barber Brothers' Adventures 2
Published by Greer Books
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In the shadow of a nation’s rebirth, two brothers ride against the echoes of war.

From Jason B. Baker, acclaimed author of "The Sheriff's Pursuit: A Vermilion County Mystery," comes the highly anticipated sequel in the "Barber Brothers' Adventures" series. "The War Remains" thrusts readers back into the gripping saga of Elijah and Moses Barber, former cavalrymen turned reluctant heroes on the rugged frontier.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, as America strives to stitch itself back together, the Barbers find their newfound peace in Omaha shattered by the flames of vengeance. As the transcontinental railroad carves a path toward the future, a vicious gang born from the war’s lingering wounds threatens to derail the dreams of a united nation.

Faced with lawlessness that no badge can tame, the Barber brothers must forge their own path to justice. With a posse as diverse as the land they defend, including a sharpshooting widow, a fallen preacher, a Confederate sniper, and a formerly enslaved Black Union war veteran, they set out to confront the ghosts of their past. Together, they embark on a harrowing journey that will test their mettle, their loyalties, and their very survival.

"The War Remains" is a tale of grit, brotherhood, and the enduring quest for justice. Ride once more with the Barber brothers as they confront the unforgiving wilderness of the American West and the turbulent tides of history that refuse to be tamed.

May 9, 2024