The War Remains

The War Remains: The Barber Brothers' Next Adventure

The War Remains
The Barber Brothers' Next Adventure
The Barber Brothers' Adventures 2
Published by Greer Books
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In the shadow of a nation’s rebirth, two brothers ride against the echoes of war.

In the sprawling Western saga of renewal, justice, and revenge, "The War Remains" by Jason B. Baker, bestselling author of "The Sheriff's Pursuit," invites readers to gallop back into the gritty world of the Barber Brothers. In the raw aftermath of the Civil War, America labors to mend its divided heart, but in Omaha, the peace Elijah and Moses Barber worked so hard to achieve is razed by a vengeful blaze.

As the transcontinental railroad pioneers a new frontier, echoes of war give rise to a brutal gang hell-bent on keeping the past's violent embers alight. The brothers, alongside an eclectic posse—including a formidable woman claiming her legacy, a hardened Confederate sniper, and a resolute Black Union veteran—must carve their own justice in the untamed wilderness of Nebraska.

Faced with lawlessness that no badge can tame, the Barber brothers must forge their own path to justice. Together, they embark on a harrowing journey through the untamed West, confronting the ghosts of their pasts. As they traverse this rugged landscape, they are tested to their limits, their bonds of loyalty and survival put to the ultimate test.

"The War Remains" is a tale of grit, brotherhood, and the quest for justice that fans of Ron Schwab, CJ Petit, and Robert Vaughan will love. Ride once more with the Barber brothers as they confront the unforgiving wilderness of the American West and the turbulent tides of history that refuse to be tamed.

267 pages | May 9, 2024